Turkish strike kills 9 in Iraq, several injured: Report

Iraqi authorities have condemned the incident and had warned to ‘retaliate’. They also called the incident ‘violation’ of sovereignty.

After Turkish shelling, scores of Iraqi people staged their protest in front of Tukey Embassy in Baghdad (photo: social media)

New Delhi: At least nine people were reportedly killed while nearly 20 others were injured in a strike by Turkish side in northern Iraq on Wednesday. As per the reports, four artilleries were hit the resort area of Barakh in the Zakho district in the semi-autonomous Kurdish-run region. The two neighbour countries, Turkey and Iraq, are engaged in cross-border offensive since long causing death of civilians on many occasions.  

The victims of Turkey shelling were taken to a hospital in Zakho city where people were gathered in large number. According to the preliminary reports, two deceased are children. The local authorities have reported eight casualties while the hospital authority, where victims were taken for treatment, has reported nine deaths.

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The survivors, who escaped narrowly, said that lots of fire struck the park and water area where visitors were getting relaxed. They said that panic gripped the entire region after Turkish shelling as people somehow tried to save their lives.

Iraqi authorities have condemned the incident and had warned to ‘retaliate’. They also called the incident ‘violation’ of sovereignty. Top security officials and a senior Iraqi minister reportedly rushed the city where attacks were made by Turkey.

As per the reports, few Iraqi tourists are also included among the deceased persons. They had reportedly come to the hill village of Parakh in Zakho district to enjoy weather.

According to the reports, angry crowds in Baghdad gathered around the Turkish Embassy and reportedly tried to attack it.

Turkish side, however, have yet not reacted anything related to the incident. Turkey authorities have reportedly said that they had no information regarding artillery fire northern Iraq.

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