BJP accuses Sonia Gandhi of plotting conspiracy to frame Narendra Modi after Gujarat riots; Congress refutes allegations

BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra, in a press conference, said Sonia Gandhi was driving force behind ‘conspiracy’ against Narendra Modi who was chief minister of the state.

BJP alleges Congress president Sonia Gandhi's involvement in defaming Narendra Modi after Gujarat riots.
BJP alleges Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s involvement in defaming Narendra Modi after 2002 Gujarat riots

New Delhi: Amid Gujarat Police’s claim that deceased Congress leaders Ahmed Patel hatched conspiracy against Narendra Modi after 2002 Gujarat riots, BJP on Saturday said that Patel was just a medium as Sonia Gandhi acted through his with a motive to destabilise the then BJP government in the state. Rejecting allegations made against the party president, Congress leaders said that this is a well-planned move of the ruling party as Narendra Modi wanted to be free from sin of 2002 riots.

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BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra, in a press conference, said Sonia Gandhi was driving force behind ‘conspiracy’ against Narendra Modi who was chief minister of the state. He said that Gandhi wanted to damage Narendra Modi’s political career by using Ahmed Patel as medium. The whole conspiracy was to defame and destabilise the BJP government in the state.

“The way Congress tried to humiliate Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi ji in 2002 Gujarat riots, its truth is coming out layer by layer. The SIT constituted in this context has placed the affidavit before the court. This affidavit states that Teesta Setalvad and his associates were not working under humanity. They were working with political motive. They had 2 objective. The then government of Gujarat should be destabilized. Innocent people should be included in this. In which the name of respected Narendra Modi ji is also included,” he said.

“Ahmed Patel is just one name behind the image of Gujarat and the conspiracy to humiliate the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, the main work behind all this was done by Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi gave Rs 30 lakh to Teesta Setalvad as the first installment for all these works. After this, how many crores of rupees were given by Sonia Gandhi to defame Modi ji and Sonia Gandhi ji used Teesta Setalvad only to promote Rahul Gandhi,” Patra said.

Sonia Gandhi honored Teesta Setalvad by awarding him with Padma Shri for defaming and humiliating the image of Gujarat and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. It has also come to the fore in the affidavit of the SIT that Teesta Setalvad had demanded a Rajya Sabha seat from Sonia Gandhi to defame and humiliate Modi ji for the Gujarat riots and the truth is that Sonia Gandhi was the main conspirator behind all this.” He added.

Congress party, in a statement, rejected all allegations made by the BJP spokesperson. The party said that all attempts are being made to free PM Narendra Modi free from sin of Gujarat Riots. Party said that it’s a pre-decided move ahead of Gujarat polls which is scheduled this year.

Chairman of media and publicity department of Congress Pawan Khera, in a press conference, said, “No constructive work has been done by your govt Modi ji in last 8 yrs which you can display & win polls that every time when elections come you have taken a Muslim leader’s name or you have to go under Pakistan’s shelter or do Hindu Muslim. Narendra Modi ji and his eco system brings new theories as soon as Gujarat elections come. The Chairman of the SIT which gave clean chit to Narendra Modi, Mr. Raghavan was rewarded, the government should answer why it was rewarded.”

He also added, “Ahmed Patel ji or Sonia Gandhi ji, all this is just an excuse, their real motive is targeting Gujarat elections.”

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