Central BJP slams Dilip Ghosh for comments about party leaders in interview

A letter from BJP’s national general secretary Arun Singh asked Dilip Ghosh to refrain from going to the media or any public fora, about his colleagues.

Dilip Ghosh (file photo)

Kolkata: The national general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday admonished the party’s former West Bengal president and a heavyweight leader of the BJP, Dilip Ghosh, for his comments on senior state functionaries in recently-held television interviews.

The letter, undersigned by Arun Singh, BJP’s national general secretary and headquarter in-charge, said, “While your commitment to the party has been absolute, there have been some avoidable instances when some of your statements or outbursts have anguished the state party leaders and have also caused embarrassment to the central leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party. This was pointed out to you on several occasions by the party leadership in the fond hope that you will take note. Given your standing and stature, you are expected to inspire, lead, direct and hold together your own party colleagues at all levels.”

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“In a recent interview your comments, in the electronic media, and perhaps on other forums, have been openly critical of senior state functionaries. Such comments will only hurt and harm the party and negate your own hard work in the past. Besides, such statements, coming from a person of your stature a National Vice President, may create deep disaffection, unrest and alienation among party ranks, which given the norms of political behaviour and conduct, is unacceptable. The national leadership of the BJP is deeply concerned at issuance of such statements through the media,” Singh said in the letter to Dilip Ghosh, who is also an MP and a national vice-president of the BJP.

The letter further said, “On the instructions of Hon’ble National President Shri JP Nadda Ji, I wish to convey to you Party’s deep anguish and concern at issuance of such statements and advise you to always refrain from going to the media or any public fora, about your own colleagues either in the state of West Bengal or anywhere else.”

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